Kama Weapons Tricks - Mackensi Emory & Tyler Weaver


Short Description

Mackensi Emory & Tyler Weaver: Kama Weapons Tricks and Combinations

Hyper Weapons Tricks

Mackensi & Tyler created this Weapons Tricks Session to help you add dynamic Kama Tricks and combinations to your performances and amaze audiences. They break each trick down into simple steps and explain the important strategies for executing each one properly.

Learn these pro level kama tricks!

-Behind the Back Release
-Inverse Roll
-Forward Release
-Finger Roll
-The Pullback
-Circle Release
-Thumb Roll
-Frensi Flip
-Double Release
-Finger Roll Combo
-Tyler's Favorite Combo
-Kensi's Favorite Combo
-Release Combo

Kickin It

Kick back with Mackensi & Tyler as they tell you their secrets to training, competition and having fun. They also show you tips for throwing some cool Kama strikes and their favorite combos.

Kama Weapons Tricks - Mackensi Emory & Tyler Weaver