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Posted On: March 1st, 2017

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We’re excited to kick off 2017 with a full tour of events around the world!

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Posted On: March 1st, 2017

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Join us for Hyper Pro Camp 2017



Posted On: December 26th, 2016

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The Most Innovative and Largest Martial Arts Training Lab In The World


Hyper Training Lab ★ App Launch
We created the Hyper Training Lab to help you become a Pro Level Martial Arts Athlete. Team up with your Martial Arts school, instructors and friends to reach your goals. Track your classes, workouts, and achievements to earn points and badges. Get pro athlete insights, motivation and extra workouts to help you excel faster. Download the app and join our worldwide movement.


Posted On: August 5th, 2016

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Check out all of the Back to School – Style – Packages now available in the Hyper Online Shop! Get them while they last!


We’re excited to drop our brand new Hyper H Snapback series — Now available in Black, Charcoal Grey & Red!



Posted On: June 14th, 2016

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We’re excited to announce the new Be Legendary Season dropping on our web shop on Friday 6.16.17 – Styles are all limited edition and are currently available at select Hyper Pro Shop locations worldwide. Make sure to grab yours as soon as they drop this Friday!

via Hyper


July 29 & 30th – Huntington Beach, CA

Train and hang out with the Hyper crew for a powerful weekend in Huntington Beach. Train with the Hyper Pro Athletes and learn new kicking, weapons and tricking combos. Get competition help and tips that will give you the winning edge.

Get your own Hyper style photo shoot and be a part of our new mini documentary on youth martial arts. Most of all, get ready to have a fun weekend with coolest martial arts people on the planet.


Hyper Pro Camp is limited to only 100 passes and we are already 1/2 way sold out from return campers. Make sure you get your tickets today!



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Posted On: March 25th, 2016

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global 8 taekwondo camp instructors

This summer athletes from around the world will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Olympics. However, in April of this year the road to Rio in the Olympic sport of taekwondo runs through Coto de Caza.

Taekwondo has achieved world-wide popularity and is the most popular martial arts in the Olympics. Just This summer athletes from around the world will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Olympics. a few months before the Rio Olympics, ten of the greatest athletes in the taekwondo world will be coming to Coto from around the world to be instructors in the third annual Global 8 Taekwondo Camp in Orange County, California from April 1 through 3.

The camp is designed to let young taekwondo athletes train and learn from Olympians. The first camp involved world champion and Olympian instructors from the USA. But because taekwondo is a global sport and this year is an Olympic year, the 2016 instructors will be global greats.

The list of instructors is literally a who’s who of the sport. Three of the four gold medal winners from the 2012 London Olympics will be among the 10 Olympians who will be instructors. Between them the instructors have won 15 world championships, 20 Olympic medals and numerous national and international championships. USA Olympic coach Jean Lopez will be the camp director. His brother, Steven Lopez, is also an instructor, and is a 5 time world champion, 5 time Olympian and 23 year member of the US National Taekwondo Team. Few athletes, in any sport, have achieved such success.

These great athletes are not highly compensated or well known outside of the taekwondo community. They are coming to the United States to support and grow the sport they love and they do it simply reimbursement of their expenses. It is an epic event in their sport. As Janet stated, it would be like holding a basketball camp and having Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Steph Curry and 7 other hall of fame players not only participate in the camp but be on the court for the full 3 days instructing young athletes. Amazingly, following the camp they will travel to Rio to compete against each other for
Olympic gold.

Taekwondo athletes from around the world are recognizing the opportunity. Not only are local athletes attending, athletes from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and Australia will be participating.



Posted On: February 8th, 2016

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Happy Lunar New Year!

The Monkey is ninth of the 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. 2016 is the year of the ‘Fire Monkey’ : Each year in Chinese zodiac is associated with a animal sign and one the Five Elements: Gold (Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, or Earth. Both the sign and element of your birth year are said to affect your personality and destiny.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

The Monkey – 猴
People born in the year of the monkey are quick witted, intelligent and playful. They are mischievous but well-intentioned jokesters who love to play pranks but don’t mean to cause harm.

Strengths: sociable, innovative, enthusiastic, self-assured
Lucky numbers: 1, 7, 8
Lucky colors: white, gold, blue

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

We are excited to drop a new limited edition Year of the Monkey shirt as part of the Hyper Kung Fu Athlete Division. Get yours Today!

New Year— New Victories :: Join Martial Arts Athletes around the world as we kick off our 4 Week Challenge.

Follow Hyper on Instagram for weekly challenges and post your progress and wins! ‪#‎HyperMA‬ ‪#‎MartialArtsAtheltes‬

Hyper on Instagram ::

Last month was Bully Prevention Month. All around the work, Hyper Pro Schools hosted Hyper Bully Defense workshops. One special school from Las Vegas, Nevada teamed up with the Bruce Lee Foundation to host their workshops in a day that recognizes Bruce Lee.

Martial Arts Athlete Day Sydney 2015

Martial Arts Athlete Day :: Train – Achieve – Influence

Sunday, November 15th, 2015 Sydney Australia
:::::: Inspiring A Generation of Martial Arts Athletes ::::::


Hyper’s goal is to inspire a generation of martial arts athletes and recognize the amazing people in our sport. The Martial Arts Athlete Day experience consists of photo-shoots, an instructor meet up, cool student seminars, fun kick challenges and demonstrations with top athletes from around the world. Thanks for being a part of our worldwide team. See you at the event!

Sunday, November 15th 2015
47-51 Unwins Bridge Road, Sydenham NSW 2044, Australia
Phone:+61 2 9564 2444

Training Pass Includes:

  • Hyper T-shirt
  • All Seminars
  • Stylized Hyper Athlete Photo
  • Compete In Any Challenges
  • Pictures & Posters with Athletes
  • + New Bonus Weapons Seminar! Choose Bo/Double Bo Staff or Kama Training Workshop

Schedule & Seminars

10:00-11:00am: Check In & Photo Shoot
10:30am: Instructor Insights From Hyper (non physical training)
Creative Extreme Athlete Seminars
11:00am :: Reid Presley :: Creative Kicks & Combinations
12:00pm :: Australia Athletes :: Creative Kicks & Combinations
1:00pm :: Tyler Weaver – Creative Kicks & Combinations
2:00pm:: Weapons Training : Bo // Double Bo- Reid Presley or Kama- Tyler Weaver (Pick 1 weapon workshop to attend)
3:00pm :: Hyper Games // Kick Challenges (20 second challenges) + Trick Battle (3 person teams/2minutes)

Event Sponsors & Partners

EFC Australia
Invincible Worldwide
Sydney Self Defense Centre
Hyper Martial Arts / Hyper Pro Training

Hyper Pro Athletes win at Diamond Nationals

The Diamond Nationals is considered by many to be one of the most prestigious sport martial arts competitions in the world. Black belt grand champion winners are crowned the ‘diamond ring’. To many athletes in the sport, winning a Diamond Ring is one of their top competition goals. This year, many of Hyper’s Pro Athletes were on stage battling each other and other world class martial arts athletes for the ring, and four of them walked away with the honors.

Danny Etkin 2015 Diamond Nationals Ring winner

No stranger to the Diamond Nationals stage, Danny Etkin left the night with a Diamond Ring win in the 14-17 Overall Forms Grand Champion. This was Danny’s first 6A NASKA tournament sporting his new Team Paul Mitchell sponsors. With this win, Danny’s ring collection grows to three, adding to the 2 Diamond Rings he won in 2013 in the 13 & under divisions.

Sammy Smith Diamond Nationals Champion 2015

Sammy Smith cleaned house in the Women’s division, taking home Diamond Rings for both Forms & Weapons Grand Championships. Sammy has been one of the most dominant junior martial arts athletes of the last decade and this was her first Diamond Nationals appearance competing in the adult division. These were Smith’s first two Diamond Rings.

Jacob PInto Diamond Nationals 2015 Grand Champion

Jacob Pinto won a historic THREE Diamond Nationals rings last weekend! As far as the Official Hyper Fact Checker Ring Collecting Database Records show, no competitor in the history of the sport has won three diamond rings in one year. Jacob Pinto won in Men’s Forms, Mens’ Weapons and won Team Sync in a brand team form his Team AKA teammate Justin Chang. Jacob Pinto’s competition was some of the toughest it’s been in years, competing against previous Diamond Nationals ring winners & Hyper Pro Athletes Reid Presley and Tyler Weaver. Jacob won a Diamond ring last year in the juniors division, and with these three rings, that brings his ring collector count to four.

Jackson Rudolph Diamond Nationals 2015 Grand Champion

Jackson Rudolph won his fourth consecutive Diamond Nationals Ring in the junior Weapons Division doing his traditional bo staff routine. It’s become a Diamond Nationals tradition to witness Jackson Rudolph walk up on the Diamond Nationals stage, execute a jaw dropping creative bo staff routine, and walk away with a Diamond Ring. However this year, Jackson Rudolph proved to the naysayers that he’s not just full of flashy tricks, but he’s also full of solid foundation basics.

Hyper Martial Arts would also like to recognize the other Hyper Pro Athletes who battled their peers on stage last weekend: Mackensi Emory, Tyler Weaver and Reid Presley. Also a congratulations to the other Diamond National ring winners last weekend: Gina Thorton, Jack Felton, Eric Tremblay, Roman Bruendl, Haley Glass, Mason Stowell, Justin Ortiz, and Shahin Jahanvash. And a really big congratulations to Team Infinity for winning their 7th straight Diamond Nationals Demo Team win. A world record that’s guaranteed not to be broken for many years to come.


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Posted On: October 2nd, 2015

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Hyper Mystery Box

They’re Back!

They are available here in our online store for a very limited time! You choose the size of your Mystery Box $50 – $200, let us know what size shirt you wear and we will send you a mixture of Hyper apparel. Post your goods on Instagram with hashtag #HyperMystery and we will choose a winner to receive an extra special Mystery Box! Good Luck!

All boxes contain gear worth at least the value of the box.


Choose Your Hyper Mystery Box


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Posted On: September 21st, 2015

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Hyper Pros Reid Presley & Danny Ektin along with Reid’s brother Jake Prelsey & Danny’s Team Emig teammate Aidan Considine joined the ranks of Team Paul Mitchell this last weekend, just in time for the 2015 Diamond Nationals. Reid, Danny, Jake and Aidan now represent the uniform that has been worn by many legendary competitors in sport karate history including Mike Chat, Rudy Reynon, John Su, Jon Valera, Carmichael Simon, David Douglas, Jimmy Pham, Steve Terada and more. Earlier this year, Hyper Pro Sammy Smith also joined Team Paul Mitchell. With JPM’s new editions, now all five original members of Team Emig represent Team Paul Mitchell. There are now 14 Hyper Pros that are also on this team.

Danny Etkin is among one of the top young competitors of all time. This year, Danny took home triple grand champions at the US Capitol Classics, winning Team Sync, Forms and Weapons grand champions.

Reid Presley has been one of the most dominant weapons competitors of this generation, revolutionizing the double bo staff and making him one of the most challenging competitors to beat in today’s competition scene.

Congratulations Reid and his brother Jake, as well as Danny and his Team Sync teammate Aidan Considine.

Hyper Pro Jacob Pinto Red Bull Champion

After bowing out of the competition last year due to an injury Jacob Pinto came back with a vengeance at this year’s Red Bull Kick-It event in Korea. There were so many amazing Taekwondo and Tricking Athletes that went head to head this year and we are excited to see this event continue to grow. From the entire Hyper Crew we want to give a big shout out to Hyper Pro Athlete Jacob Pinto on winning the 2015 Red Bull Kick-It event! Way to Represent Tricking Athletes Worldwide!!

Watch the complete 2015 Red Bull Kick-It (We hope you brushed up on your Korean)


Posted On: August 17th, 2015

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Mark Your Calendars — Hyper UK Martial Arts Athlete Day October 25th – 2015.



Check out all the fun we had last year in the video below.

"If you blink you can end up on his highlight reel" - Coach Tyler Wombles on Raymond Daniels

Raymond Daniels is set to become the first martial arts fighter to ever hold simultaneous world titles in point fighting and kickboxing. We reached out to his coach & Hyper Fight Club Trainer Tyler Wombles, to ask him about Raymond’s upcoming welterweight Title Fight at Glory 23 versus Nieky Holzken.

Hey Tyler — mind if I ask you a few interview questions for the Hyper blog?

Of course brotha.

Right on thanks. What is your background and how long have you been coaching Raymond?

I’ve been doing Muay Thai and kickboxing for 13 years. I’m a blackbelt under Babalu Sobra.  I’ve been with him for 5 fights and I just recently gave him his Muay Thai black belt last weekend. That’s his 4th black belt.

Do those 5 fights include the Holzken matchup?

Yes I was with him for that fight.

What have you been working on with Raymond to transition him from point fighting into kickboxing?

I don’t try and change Raymond’s style because his style is so different from what everybody has seen that it’ll be really hard for them to deal with. I add in some kickboxing tricks and a lot of the kickboxing defense… high shield, head movement, checking the leg kicks… since in his sport they never kick the legs… I’ve gotten him used to defending leg kicks and returning them as well.

Raymond has been very successful so far in Glory with his unorthodox kickboxing style, buy he was defeated by Nieky Holzken in their last matchup. What happened in that fight that lost him the matchup? And what has Raymond been doing to make sure he’s prepared for their title fight rematch?

He didn’t get a fresh try with Nieky. He had already faced a very tough opponent in Jonotan Olivera [earlier in the night] and if you saw the fight you saw how many times Raymond jumped and threw spinning kicks. He also received some leg kicks from Jonotan, so I feel his legs were fatigued, which caused him to keep putting himself in the corner, which is where Holzken thrives, so he ended up on the receiving end of a bad liver shot. Now Nieky will have to face Raymond fresh with full speed full agility and full adrenaline.

Raymond Daniels sidekick

Training wise, does Raymond train differently for specific matchups or is it always the same gameplan regardless of opponent?

Of course we always take in consideration certain things fighters do and we try and see what works against those things, but Raymond’s training is always technical. It’s always high intensity and he’s always willing to learn; so he’s always gaining new tools.

What will Raymond have to do differently this time around? Or does it just come down to being well rested?

Stay out of the corners and be willing to box with him. Ray’s hands are fast and when he believes in them you will see him shock the world.

Raymond Daniels' hands are fast and when he believes in them you will see him shock the world.

What kind of impact do you think Raymond’s unorthodox fighting style is having on his opponents?

I think it makes his opponents hesitant on when to engage and Raymond isn’t someone you can hesitate with. If you blink you can end up on his highlight reel.

What do you think Nieky will have to do this time around to prepare for Raymond?

I’m sure Nieky is training very hard just like always.

This is a historical moment in time for the point fighting world. The Hyper Crew is really excited to see the arguably the top point fighter of all time to win a world title in kickboxing. We are really looking forward to this matchup and we want to wish you and Raymond Daniels a good fight. Thanks for your time Tyler.

Thank you always a pleasure dealing with the Hyper Team.

You can catch Raymond Daniels & Nieky Holzken fight for the Kickboxing Welterweight World Title LIVE at Glory 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 7th on Spike TV.

Raymond Daniels is a good friend of the Hyper Fight Team and as a team that represents both sport fighting (point fighting) and combat fighting (kickboxing & mma), we’re really proud to see Raymond make this big step to bridge the two fight styles. Raymond is not only a powerful athlete, but he’s also a powerful role model and martial arts instructor. Watch his exclusive interview from Glory Kickboxing.