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"If you blink you can end up on his highlight reel" - Coach Tyler Wombles on Raymond Daniels

Raymond Daniels is set to become the first martial arts fighter to ever hold simultaneous world titles in point fighting and kickboxing. We reached out to his coach & Hyper Fight Club Trainer Tyler Wombles, to ask him about Raymond’s upcoming welterweight Title Fight at Glory 23 versus Nieky Holzken.

Hey Tyler — mind if I ask you a few interview questions for the Hyper blog?

Of course brotha.

Right on thanks. What is your background and how long have you been coaching Raymond?

I’ve been doing Muay Thai and kickboxing for 13 years. I’m a blackbelt under Babalu Sobra.  I’ve been with him for 5 fights and I just recently gave him his Muay Thai black belt last weekend. That’s his 4th black belt.

Do those 5 fights include the Holzken matchup?

Yes I was with him for that fight.

What have you been working on with Raymond to transition him from point fighting into kickboxing?

I don’t try and change Raymond’s style because his style is so different from what everybody has seen that it’ll be really hard for them to deal with. I add in some kickboxing tricks and a lot of the kickboxing defense… high shield, head movement, checking the leg kicks… since in his sport they never kick the legs… I’ve gotten him used to defending leg kicks and returning them as well.

Raymond has been very successful so far in Glory with his unorthodox kickboxing style, buy he was defeated by Nieky Holzken in their last matchup. What happened in that fight that lost him the matchup? And what has Raymond been doing to make sure he’s prepared for their title fight rematch?

He didn’t get a fresh try with Nieky. He had already faced a very tough opponent in Jonotan Olivera [earlier in the night] and if you saw the fight you saw how many times Raymond jumped and threw spinning kicks. He also received some leg kicks from Jonotan, so I feel his legs were fatigued, which caused him to keep putting himself in the corner, which is where Holzken thrives, so he ended up on the receiving end of a bad liver shot. Now Nieky will have to face Raymond fresh with full speed full agility and full adrenaline.

Raymond Daniels sidekick

Training wise, does Raymond train differently for specific matchups or is it always the same gameplan regardless of opponent?

Of course we always take in consideration certain things fighters do and we try and see what works against those things, but Raymond’s training is always technical. It’s always high intensity and he’s always willing to learn; so he’s always gaining new tools.

What will Raymond have to do differently this time around? Or does it just come down to being well rested?

Stay out of the corners and be willing to box with him. Ray’s hands are fast and when he believes in them you will see him shock the world.

Raymond Daniels' hands are fast and when he believes in them you will see him shock the world.

What kind of impact do you think Raymond’s unorthodox fighting style is having on his opponents?

I think it makes his opponents hesitant on when to engage and Raymond isn’t someone you can hesitate with. If you blink you can end up on his highlight reel.

What do you think Nieky will have to do this time around to prepare for Raymond?

I’m sure Nieky is training very hard just like always.

This is a historical moment in time for the point fighting world. The Hyper Crew is really excited to see the arguably the top point fighter of all time to win a world title in kickboxing. We are really looking forward to this matchup and we want to wish you and Raymond Daniels a good fight. Thanks for your time Tyler.

Thank you always a pleasure dealing with the Hyper Team.

You can catch Raymond Daniels & Nieky Holzken fight for the Kickboxing Welterweight World Title LIVE at Glory 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 7th on Spike TV.

Raymond Daniels is a good friend of the Hyper Fight Team and as a team that represents both sport fighting (point fighting) and combat fighting (kickboxing & mma), we’re really proud to see Raymond make this big step to bridge the two fight styles. Raymond is not only a powerful athlete, but he’s also a powerful role model and martial arts instructor. Watch his exclusive interview from Glory Kickboxing.

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Trick school Glossary

Hyper Martial Arts is proud to officially announce that the entire Hyper Trick School Glossary has been uploaded to YouTube for the world to learn and experience Martial Arts Tricking on a technical previously only available if you owned the Hyper Trick School program. We have uploaded 27 videos that explain the elements of tricks including the takeoff, rotation, variation, landings, transitions and inverts. These videos have been created with high end slow motion cinematography to give you amazing frame by frame breakdown of the mechanics. We are very excited to share these videos with the world and hope we have done our part to better educate both the martial arts tricking community as well as the world at large about the science of martial arts tricking. Special recognition to Dan Perez, the creator of the Hyper Trick School program, for breaking definitions of all these elements into extremely well articulated definitions. Our professional team of editors at the Hyper Media Lab worked for more than a half a year along side Dan to make sure the quality of these videos were of the highest production value possible.

After understanding this terminology, you will be ready to start applying these concept is your training. To learn how to use all of the terms in these videos, check out Hyper Trick School by Dan Perez, the single greatest program ever created for martial arts tricking.

Sammy Smith wearing Team Paul Mitchell OutiftJust in time for the 2015 ISKA US Open Martial Arts World Championships, it was announced that Hyper Pro Sammy Smith would be joining the ranks of Team Paul Mitchell. Team Paul Mitchell (aka ‘Team JPM’) is arguably the most prestigious team in sport martial arts history. Sammy Smith joins other Hyper Pros Matt Emig, Caitlin Dechelle, Dayna Huor, Jackson Rudolph, Mackensi Emory, Tyler Weaver and Hyper Fight Club Trainers Zsolt Moradi, Laszlo Gombos and Mike Pombeiro to the Team Paul Mitchell/Hyper crossover squad. Past sport karate icons that have worn the JPM uniform include Steve Terada, Rudy Reynon, Mike Chat, Jon Valera, Daniel Sterling, Casey Marks, Carmichael Simon, Lauren Kearney and many many many other iconic athletes of the sport.

Last year, Sammy Smith won more NASKA Titles than any other competitor in the world. She’s a high level martial arts tricker and an expert with the chux. Sammy has been a Hyper Pro since day 1 and has used her influence to inspire the next generation of martial arts athletes. Sammy plans on attending her first year in college this fall. Congratulations Sammy Smith for joining the ranks of these top athletes!


Posted On: July 3rd, 2015

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