Raymond Daneils The Will To Win

GLORY 23 has set the stage for history to be made has Sport Karate Point Fighting legend Raymond Daniels fights Nieky Holzken for the Welterweight Title. Daniels, one of the most decorated point fighting athletes of all time, has an opportunity to become the first martial artist to hold World Championships in Point Fighting and Kickboxing.

Daniels’ unique background has made him one of the most electrifying fighters in the Glory Kickboxing league, including one of the greatest knockouts in kickboxing history.

Tyler Wombles Coaches Raymond Daniels - Glory 23

Hyper Fight Club Trainer Tyler Wombles has been working with Daniels on his transition from the point fighting world into kickboxing and will be ringside with Daniels on his title on August 7th live on SpikeTV. Wombles and Daniels have their work cut out for them as Daniels was defeated in Glory 19 against Holzken. Daniel’s sport karate spin kicks and precision side kicks were not enough to defeat Holzken’s strong kickboxing fundamentals. However since their last match, Daniels’ kickboxing fundamentals have significantly increased and Holzken is going to have to step up his game if he is going to be able to pull off another win.

Tyler Wombles Hyper Fight Club DVD

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