Martial Arts Athlete Challenge
Martial Arts Athletes are focused, motivated, inspiring, have passion, determination, perseverance — marital arts athletes… are awesome. They can protect themselves in the streets and win in competition. In honor of all the martial arts athletes training every day around the world, this month, we’re posting up a new challenges each week plus giving away Martial Arts Athlete social media posters. Choose between Kick Challenges & Combat Sprint Challenges — or if you think you’re up for it, go for both! Share your progress online, and we’ll repost and send free gear to some of our favorite & most active participants.

Dowload Your Scorecards

To get started, download the social media posts & challenge cards. Follow along on @HyperMA on Instagram or Facebook. Print out your scorecards to keep track, and post photos and videos of your results on your social media pages. We’ve even included some inspiring Martial Arts Athlete posters featuring our Hyper Pros to keep you motivated.

Athlete Posters

So are you up for this challenge? Let’s make martial arts the most popular sport in the world.

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