Author: Hyper Media Team

Posted On: March 2nd, 2015

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“The Ultimate Fighter 13” winner Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson demonstrated why he’s a strong candidate to take on current UFC Lightweight World Champion Anthony Pettis after an impressive win last weekend at UFC 184 against veteran Gleison Tibau. Ferguson is trained by Hyper Fight Club Trainer Tyler Wombles (featured right of Ferguson in photo). Wombles is also coach for UFC fighters Spencer Fisher, Cain Carrizosa, Glory Kickboxer Raymond Daniels, RFA league competitor Joe Murphy and Bellator fighters Ian Butler & Andrew Ramm.

Congratulations to Tony Ferguson, Tyler Wombles and team on the win!

Anthony Pettis is coached by Hyper Fight Club Trainer Duke Roufus. If Tony Ferguson makes it to title fight against Pettis, that will mean two Hyper Fight Club Coaches will be in the Octagon. That would be just epic.

In related news, Tyler Wombes & Hyper Fight Club Training partners just released two free combat fighting lessons on how pros wrap their wrists with hand wraps and how to be an effective training partner using martial arts mitts / hand targets. Check out these videos!