President Obama says Your Voice Is More Powerful Than the President of the United States

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“Your voice is more powerful than the President of the United States” – President Barack Obama speaking against bullying

It was a big weekend for Hyper Pro Athletes. Between Jackson Rudolph, Sammy Smith, Danny Etkin, Tyler Weaver, Reid Presley, Dayna Huor, Caitlin Dechelle, Mackensi Emory and Jacob Pinto, over 38 World Titles were awarded on the North American Sport Karate Associate circuit, voted as the best sport karate circuit in the world by the fans of 38 of those titles included 26 World Divisional Titles, 5 Grand Champion Titles and 7 Overall Grand Championship Titles.

2014 Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athletes NASKA World Champions
But that’s not all! Jackson Rudolph also took home the 17 & Under Weapons Warrior Cup and Danny Etkin took home the 17 & Under Forms Warrior Cup. Winning a Warrior Cup is no easy feat. After winning your division, passing through run-offs and winning a Grand Championship, you then have to go head to head with the other 17 & under Grand Champion to take home the enormous award.

2014 Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athletes NASKA World Champions

2014 was a year of achievement for the Hyper Pro Athletes. Congratulations to the Pros on all their competition accomplishments!

Caitlin Dechelle takes home both Overall Grand Championships for Women's Forms & Weapons

Hyper Pro Reid Presley is a World Champion in Men’s Forms & Weapons Divisions

Hyper Pro Jackson Rudolph wins 6 World Titles with his Bo Staff

World Champion Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athlete Danny Etkin

Hyper Pro Danny Etkin dominates the Musical & Extreme Forms and Weapons Divisons

World Champion Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athlete Dayna Huor

Hyper Pro Dayna Huor dominates the Women's Forms Divisons

World Champion Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athlete Jacob Pinto

Hyper Pro Jacob Pinto takes home 3 Grand Championships in Forms & Weapons

World Champion Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athlete Tyler Weaver

Hyper Pro Tyler Weaver takes home World Titles in Forms, Weapons & Team Sync Divisons

World Champion Hyper Pro Martial Arts Athlete Sammy Smith

Hyper Pro Sammy Smith takes home 7 World Titles, making her the most winningest World Title Athlete of the year!

Hyper Pro Mackensi Emory takes home world titles in Forms, Weapons & Team Sync


Author: Hyper Admin

Posted On: January 9th, 2015

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5 Years Ago We Launched Hyper

Our Vision and Mission were very simple… To recognize the incredible youth athletes in our sport and inspire the world to train in the martial arts. After 5 years, what’s next? …. We are more inspired to continue to team up with more people. And honestly, we are pretty impatient and a bit Hyper. We love the martial arts and what we do. We want to support more athletes, create new curriculums, better products, more accessories, team up with more schools, reach more people, get faster, stronger, better and enjoy the journey with the best people in the world. But, most of all we are Thankful to work with you and the amazing people on our team.

You can’t predict the future but you can make it what you want and for us we choose to live the martial arts athlete lifestyle. It’s the good life.

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Author: Jason Morgan

Posted On: January 1st, 2015

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Happy New Year! We met some awesome people and created amazing memories in 2014 and look forward to so many more adventures in 2015! Shout out to Marital Arts Athletes around the world who represent this incredible Life Style!