Author: Hyper Media Team

Posted On: August 5th, 2014

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It was a special time to be in California if you were a tricker this summer. In June was the first ever Camp Adrenaline event, including special guest Hyper Pros Jackson Rudolph, Matt Emig, Mackensi Emory, Danny Etkin, Caitlin Dechelle, and Jacob Pinto.  Then in July was the infamous Loopkicks Gathering with special guest trickers coming in from all across the globe. And just last weekend the JAM Tricking Gathering made some waves hosting a very exciting weekend of seminars and battles at Joining All Movement. Watch some of these amazing highlights!

Matt Emig & Mackensi Emory battle Jacob Pinto & Andrew Franklin

Check out more from Camp Adrenaline Here.

Close Call at the Loopkicks Night Show – Cory Dunson Dodges a Double Cork

Plus check out Bailey Payne’s swing through madness.

The JAM Gathering brought together many of the world’s best trickers for a fun weekend of wild tricks.

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