The Hyper Games hit the east coast at the US Capitol Classics in Washington DC. Rookie and Pro martial arts athletes competed in kick challenges and tricking battles, had fun and got to work with Hyper Pros in athlete seminars. Check out some of the highlights!


Author: Hyper Admin

Posted On: August 7th, 2014

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Shout out to Ignacio Di Biaggio for this Edit from the Hyper Games at the US Capitol Classics / China Open.

Some great clips of the whole event! Check it out & mark your calendars for the Hyper Games at the AKA American Open August 30th.


Author: Hyper Media Team

Posted On: August 5th, 2014

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Hyper Pro Jacob Pinto has had an unbelievable 2014 summer. Check out some of the highlights.

Jacob Pinto landing the extremely difficult dub trip at Camp Adrenaline

Jacob Pinto is broadcast live on ESPN, winning his first ISKA World Championship title of the night for boys 14-17 open hand forms.

And then he wins his second title of the night in Weapons.

He even had time to teach a seminar or two.

Then he headed to Washington DC to take home to win the Hyper Games tricking battles with his team.

And the very next day was back in Los Angeles to battle for his chance to compete in Korea at Red Bull Kick It.

And after two intense battles, he won!

You can still catch Jacob Pinto this summer at the 2014 Hyper Pro Camp in San Diego. Register for your tickets here.

Bailey has attended more tricking events around the world than we could list. And if you follow Bailey on his instagram account, then you know there’s nothing more he loves than tricking around the world with his friends. Bailey’s specialty move are swing-throughs. In fact, he’s the undisputed champion at swing throughs. And here’s why.

*A swing through is a popular transition to link tricks together where the athlete keeps one foot off the ground between tricks.

At Loopkicks 2014, Bailey easily beat some of the best trickers in the world at the Swing Through Battle.

The following week, Bailey competed in another swing through contest at the JAM gathering, again, crushing it.

The winner of the swing through contest at the JAM gathering got to take home $100 per swing. With 19 corks, that means Bailey earned $1,900 in 15 seconds, which according to our math, is $456,000 an hour! Why grow up to be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, when you can cork like Bailey Payne? It’s time for a career move Bill Gates.


Author: Hyper Media Team

Posted On: August 5th, 2014

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It was a special time to be in California if you were a tricker this summer. In June was the first ever Camp Adrenaline event, including special guest Hyper Pros Jackson Rudolph, Matt Emig, Mackensi Emory, Danny Etkin, Caitlin Dechelle, and Jacob Pinto.  Then in July was the infamous Loopkicks Gathering with special guest trickers coming in from all across the globe. And just last weekend the JAM Tricking Gathering made some waves hosting a very exciting weekend of seminars and battles at Joining All Movement. Watch some of these amazing highlights!

Matt Emig & Mackensi Emory battle Jacob Pinto & Andrew Franklin

Check out more from Camp Adrenaline Here.

Close Call at the Loopkicks Night Show – Cory Dunson Dodges a Double Cork

Plus check out Bailey Payne’s swing through madness.

The JAM Gathering brought together many of the world’s best trickers for a fun weekend of wild tricks.

Follow Joining All Movement on YouTube to see more coverage.