Hyper teamed up with Dan Perez & top trickers worldwide to inspire a generation of tricking athletes rooted in authenticity, creativity, true understanding and execution of perfect martial arts tricking techniques.

Join our team of every day kids, martial artists, athletes, trainers and schools worldwide on the journey through passing each level to reach the top; true understanding and progression will be your reward! Enter your info above and be the first to be a part of the worldwide launch. – See more at: http://hypertricking.com

Trick School
Professor Perez created the Hyper Trick School to systematically and safely train athletes in the fundamentals of tricking. He breaks tricking down into a progression of 8 levels that anyone can follow and learn. He shows you step by step how to learn kicks, transitions, variations and even create your own combinations to pass each tricking athlete level. Your goal is to complete the curriculum and pass the final level, by learning to understand and apply the knowledge you gain along the way.

Trick Sessions
Each tricking level curriculum has 12 trick session workouts that include individual kick tricks (from basic through advanced), transitions (connections between tricks), and inverts (flip and twist tricks) to help you learn the material and excel to the next level.

Trick Science
Each technique and concept is shown in slow motion, broken down step by step and filmed in follow along mode so you can learn it systematically just like you are training one on one. We brought in special physicists and graphic editors to give you the scientific breakdowns of some of the hardest techniques.