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Posted On: July 30th, 2014

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Kalman Csoka started his martial arts training at 3 and competition training at the age of 6. Normally he trains 5 days a week for 2 hours and his workouts include drilling basics, creating new techniques and a lot of conditioning. “Conditioning is a vital part of training, it helps to reinforce speed and power,” Kalman says.

Kalman really enjoys innovating new combinations, trying new tricks and adding risky moves into his routines to keep his training exciting, challenging and a lot of fun. “It takes vision and perseverance to create a hard combination and get it perfect for a performance. Why give up when the sky is the limit?”

Hard work and innovation pays off. Kalman has amazed audiences worldwide with his forms, demonstrations and double sword performances. He has won hundreds of trophies, grand championships, diamond rings and world titles.

Kalman’s mindset has been the main reason for why he has successfully competed for over 20 years. “I wanted to push myself to my limits with my performances. I like to change my performances to keep challenging myself. It’s an honor to say that I competed against some of the best martial arts athletes in the world. It wasn’t about winning to me. If it is just about winning, then you become burnt out. I wanted to do performances that would impact people and that they would remember.

I knew that if I worked hard enough and put everything I had into my training, the rewards would eventually follow. You have to enjoy the process; the results are icing on the cake.”

Kalman teaches seminars, trains world champions and owns a martial arts school in Alpharetta, Georgia. He really enjoys training martial arts athletes. “I believe, the most powerful thing about martial arts and competition, is that it turns individuals into champions in life and prepares them for anything they will encounter.”

“I apply what martial arts has taught me to all areas of my life. I live by my honor code. With my family, I try to lead by setting a good example. It’s easy to tell kids what to do, but I feel you have to be an example and lead by showing rather than by telling. I use the discipline and the never-give-up attitude to accomplish my goals outside of martial arts.”Kalman is an incredible martial arts athlete, father, competitor, role model and trainer. Hyper is proud to have such an amazing martial artist on our team.