The More we see the more excited we all get about the upcoming debut of “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist”.

“Assassin’s Fist” debuts on Machinima’s YouTube Channel this May.
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Author: Hyper Admin

Posted On: April 22nd, 2014

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Check out Hyper UK Athlete Anton Simpson-Tidy’s latest sampler: Urban Samurai.

We caught up with Anton and asked him a few questions, and here is what he had to say:

What Style Martial Arts did you first start training in? Shotokan Karate

Favorite Music Artist at the Moment: Pharrell Williams

Favorite Martial Arts Movie: It’s a toss up between The last Samurai or Jet Li’s Unleashed

Favorite Food: Pancakes… definitely Pancakes
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Chelsey Nash is an inspiration for any martial arts athlete. She has trained in Canada with her brother Trevor for over 19 years and holds close to 20 world titles from multiple circuits including NBL, NASKA, WKC and WAKO. Chelsey has her dreams set for new international titles and inspiring the youth worldwide. In between training and competing she likes to kick it on her snowboard during the winter and at the cottage in the summer. And she loves Chocolate above everything else.

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Chelsey in 6 Words:
Hysterical — Determined  – Loyal — Hardworking — Outgoing — Thrill Seeker.

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Author: Hyper Media Team

Posted On: April 7th, 2014

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The Hyper Games in Philadelphia at the AmeriKick Internationals was one for the record book! Jackson Rudolph landed the first ever bo staff toss with four spins in a sudden death round to advance him to the finals. Dan Perez flew all the way in from Los Angeles to teach tricking seminars for all the athletes. Jacob Pinto and Jimmy Kane put on a legendary sword battle demonstration that rocked the crowd. Team 9 (as in ’9 years old’) made it to the final round in the team tricking battles. The Hyper Pro Challenges competition had the biggest turnout yet and the Hyper Kick Challenges broke a whole new set of world records for fastest kicks. Check out some of the highlights from the event.

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Weapons Battle : Sword Finals

Jimmy Kane -vs- Jacob Pinto Hyper Weapons Battle Finals! Hyper’s Weapons Division teamed up with Amerikick to find the world’s best weapons athletes. 12 Weapons Athletes in each division battled it out with their best weapons tricks, releases, manipulations and solid basics.

Hyper Games Tricking Battle Team Finals : Philly

Team Sensei Stash battled against the notorious Team 9... as in '9 years old'. The next generation is stepping the game up! Team 9: Aidan Kennedy, Chase Cubia, Zach Thomas Sensei Stash: Jacob Pinto, Jordan Okubo, Cody Sanders