Martial Arts Athlete Seth Haber marks an important turning point for sport martial arts competition. 2003 was the last year of the “open” division on the NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) circuit. Prior to today’s ‘extreme’ and ‘creative’ divisions, the open division was an ‘anything goes’ freestyle division that allowed forms with tricks to compete with non-trick forms. As martial arts tricks became more prominent in forms competition, those who did not throw tricks in their form seemed to always be at a disadvantage, unless your name was Seth Haber. Seth was one of the only competitors of the time who was able to go toe to toe against the best ‘tricking’ forms competitors. Watch one of Seth’s best forms from Diamond Nationals in 2003.

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When NASKA was making the decisions on how to split creative and extreme divisions, there was a lot of controversy whether the ’540′ would be allowed in the creative division. The creative division only allows ’360 degree’ spinning techniques, and despite for the kick’s name ’540′, the mechanics behind the technique only call for a 360 degree in air rotation. Although parafusos and tornado kicks landing on two feet involve the same amount of rotation, the 540 kick alone has been banned from this division. Check out Seth’s perfect 540 beginning at 21 seconds.