Swiss martial arts athlete Roger Gomes was recently featured as the talent in a televised camera-shooting experiment called the “Bullet Time Shot” on a Switzerland tv show. The project, sponsored by Canon, involved the use of 50 Canon EOS-1D X DSLR cameras, working in concert to take a photo of Gomes from 50 different angles, creating a matrix style 3D look. This was the first time a shot like this had been recorded in Switzerland. Take a look:

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Roger Gomes has been practicing martial arts all his life. He began with karate at age 9 and trained for 10 years. He also practiced kung fu and capoeria for 2 years as well. After studying various styles of martial arts, he discovered a new passion in martial arts tricking which he has now been training for more than 8 years. In 2011, Gomes opened Switzerland’s first tricking school, the Tricking Academy, where he is able to gain more control over his training and run his team Natural Born Trickers. After suffering a torn meniscus in 2007, Gomes put extra effort into training technically by following the basic fundamentals of martial arts into this tricking training. He’s found since focusing on the basics, his body has become stronger and his tricks are more safe, more controlled, and look better.

Roger Gomes’s new sampler:
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Gomes has some advice for martial arts athletes and tricking athletes. “Train a lot of basics, stretching and physical training. Mental training is also important to get the focus on every single trick/kick, but before all that, they should have fun in every single movement they do, even if it’s a simple cartwheel.”