15 years old and already a veteran, Martial Arts Athlete Tanner Simpson has been training literally since before he could walk. In 2009, Tanner was induced into the National Blackbelt League Hall of Fame, and this year, through the help of his family, friends, and a little bit of viral-video-magic, Tanner was able to raise enough funds to travel across the United States to compete at one of North America’s most prestigious tournaments, Supergrands. Outside of training, Tanner worked hard to support his competition dreams by raising money through teaching private lessons & taking donations through his IndieGoGo campaign. From the the help of his family, friends and supporters at Team Rock Solid in Bellingham, Washington, Tanner was able to raise over $4,000. When we spoke to Tanner’s father, he reminded us how tremendous it was to have family and friends at the dojo come together to support Tanner.

Watch this video Tanner and his father created to help him raise funds to travel across the country and compete at SuperGrands.

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