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Posted On: December 31st, 2013

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New Year – New Goals. Don’t Talk About It – Be About it! Challenge yourself to compete each of these tasks for 31 days. Share your results online using hashtags #HyperChallenge & #MartialArtsAthletes — Good Luck!
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Perhaps one of the coolest martial arts videos created in 2013, the season finale of the Rookie Chronicles was full of surprises. The Rookie Chronicles is a web series is about the story of young martial artists learning tricking from the top Tricking Athletes around. In this episode, Team Emig make a special guest appearance. Ish teaches some lessons about martial arts tricking terminology and battle history. Plus highlights from AmeriKick Internationals & the Hyper Games.

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I am honored to write a short tribute here about a great friend that we recently lost, Richard Branden.  However I find it very difficult to write something short with our long friendship and his vast amount of accolades!  

Originally from Massachusetts, Rich and I trained under the same Wushu / Kung Fu Instructor, Yao Li.  We would travel to distant tournaments together, such as in NY and other states; most of the time we’d end up going head to head in competition against each other.   He was one of my toughest competitors, but it never affected our close friendship.  Rich was always full of life and energy!!  When most of us would be ready for a break, exhausted, Rich would seem like he was just getting started!

Richard was one of the original members of Team Paul Mitchell and was inducted into several Hall of Fames, including Black Belt magazine.  He won WAKO World Championships in Weapons and Forms in the USA, England & Poland.  Rich took his outstanding Martial Arts skills to the big screen in the WMAC Masters TV series, Mortal Kombat and the Power Rangers, just to mention a few.  He won many Grand championships throughout the US.  He later moved to CA and has a very successful school, Richard Branden’s Studio Kicks.

Richard was such a great person, always fun to be around, very charismatic and a great friend.  He was an extremely talented Martial Artist and a devoted husband; in addition, he was a great father to all of his children.  We have lost a true warrior, but his legacy will live on through his family and his students.  I am trying to keep remembering of all the laughs and fun times we had together, instead of the fact that he is gone.  Rest in peace my friend and teammate.

- Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

A memorial and fund have been setup in Richard Branden’s Name for more information
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Check out the latest round of Trick Star Battles: Round 6 of the Trickster Tricking Championships Will Coneys is up against Michael Guthrie.

Martial Arts Athletes and Trickers came together to celebrate Martial Arts Athlete Day in Sydney, Australia. Thank you to our Trainers Scott Skelton, Phil Gibbs, Hakan Manav, Alan La, Alex Kirkwood & Hyper Pro Tyler Weaver for teaching seminars. Thank you Invincible Worldwide, EFC and Shifu Chris Coles for making this day a success.


Posted On: December 17th, 2013

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Tokyo plays host to one of the most stacked kickboxing cards in years, a fitting end to 2013 in a place that helped launch the sport of kickboxing.

Check out this Raymond Daniels Pre Fight Interview. We’re excited to see Raymond’s cross over from Sport Karate into Kickboxing and taking it full on!

GLORY 13 Tokyo airs on Spike TV at 9/8c on Dec. 21st