The 2nd Annual UnresTRICKted Martial Arts Tricking event went down in North Carolina this last August. Hyper Pro Trainer Joe Granieri teamed up with Hyper to host a Hyper Kick Challenge during the event. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Hyper Pros Austin Crain and Kalman Csoka taught fun seminars to the martial arts athletes in attendance, ranging from weapons techniques, acrobatics and forms.

Watch this Hyper Kick Challenge playlist, starting first with the UnresTRICKted challenge!

Head on over to Joe Granieri’s YouTube Channel to see more highlights from the weekend. Like these:

UnresTRICKted and Hyper Athletes Daniel Napolitano, Carson Crawford, Bailey Payne and Caitlin Dechelle hanging out on set of an NBC news program before their exclusive interview about the event.