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Posted On: November 20th, 2013

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We checked in with the Tobias Bro’s Tricking Crew and wanted to find out a little more about them, their background and what they enjoy about tricking.

Hyper: Hey guys great to chat with you! How is your crew the “Tobias Bros” related? Are you brothers or is that just your crew name?

TB: Yea, surprisingly we are all actually brothers. Franky, Ale & Tony we train and teach at our school the Tobias Bros Tricking Academy in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Hyper: Do you each have a specialty or what are you known for?

Ale: I would say I probably known for doing some crazy combos, but I don’t normally land them for a while. When I do I’ll let you know LOUD! My Style is mostly a combination of Twisting and variations, even wrestling.

Franky: I love teaching tricking and sharing the art with other people. My favorite kick is a cheat 900.

Tony: I am the younger brother but the serious one. I’m normally the camera man on our film shoots, graphic design and art is my passion. I would say my Tricking style is mostly about kicks and twists.

Hyper: How long have you been Tricking and do you guys have a Martial Arts background?

TB: We have all been tricking for over 7 years. We all started out in Kenpo Karate, all study and train in MMA now.

Hyper: What is the Tricking & Martial Arts community like in Guatemala?

TB: The Tricking community here is great! It’s growing quickly and martial arts in central and South America is very popular. It has been fun to host events and see the new kid growing up and getting better even faster.

Hyper: That’s great to hear, we get messages from kids all around the world and it’s exciting to see what they are coming up with!

Hyper: What would you like up and coming Tricking Athletes to know?

TB: Go out and have fun! Meet other Trickers, attend events and train with your friends, its more fun that way! Learn and practice the basics, make sure you know how to perfect them and train hard! Be yourself and find your style! Don’t be a “generic” find your own path and show the world your skills in a unique way!

The Tobias Bros are hosting “Tricking Heroes” Mini Camp Nov. 29th – Dec 1st. including all kinds of activities from Training, to Trick Battles, BBQ & More.

Check out details here: TOBIAS BROS. TRICKING HEROES