Roland Osborne speaks about uniting the Martial Arts Industry for the future of youth martial arts through this innovative Martial Arts Athletes campaign.

Martial Arts business owners and Instructors from around the world were in attendance at the United Professionals and Championsway Convention 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.

Join the Movement :

There are over 50 million kids in the United States. The biggest competition in martial arts schools is other sports. We have to look better, be better, than other sports. When a kid is an athlete and is a role model and is popular, that kid is going to make an impact in your school. Our other biggest competition is other martial arts schools. Our other biggest competition is poor martial arts schools. Why? They already got to our community. They gave them a poor experience. What we have to do as an industry is come together and innovate and in grass roots style, we need to be a team. Let’s be the cool school in our community. Let’s reach every kid and inspire them to do martial arts for life. Make sure that we’re more innovative, we’re better, we’re faster, we’re stronger. When people respect the martial arts athlete, our industry will change.