Original member of Team Loopkicks and pioneer of Martial Arts Tricking, Chris DeVera gives insight on what it’s like being a martial arts athlete. Chris DeVera has hosted the last 10 Loopkicks Camps.

Interview: My name is Chris DeVera and I come from Team Loopkicks in San Jose, California. I started training martial arts when I was six, but i quit when I was eight because I didn’t even like it, and then I moved to California when I was fourteen and then I saw the Ernie Reyes Action Team and then I joined martial arts right away. I’ve been training martial arts 16-17 years.

Q: What’s different about martial arts from other sports?
A: Being a martial arts athlete comes with more values than any other sport really. Sure we’re athletes, but we’re also artists. There’s a deeper meaning with what we do. What we do involves the use of our body and our body alone for the most part.

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