Round 2 of Trick Star from FLOW features Matt Emig vs. Sesshomaru. Both have been extremely influential in the growth of Tricking and bring a unique style, enjoy the battle!

Twitter: @TrickStarChamps

The new Hyper Season Guide ‘Represent’ is now available at Hyper Pro Training Locations. Pickup a copy for yourself and check out the latest limited edition shirts hitting stores for the Holidays. Also inside the issue get to know Hyper Pro Athlete Chloe Bruce and read her ‘REPRESENT’ story. Take the Martial Arts Athlete Challenge and check out the latest releases from the Hyper Weapons Division and more!



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Posted On: November 20th, 2013

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We checked in with the Tobias Bro’s Tricking Crew and wanted to find out a little more about them, their background and what they enjoy about tricking.

Hyper: Hey guys great to chat with you! How is your crew the “Tobias Bros” related? Are you brothers or is that just your crew name?

TB: Yea, surprisingly we are all actually brothers. Franky, Ale & Tony we train and teach at our school the Tobias Bros Tricking Academy in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Hyper: Do you each have a specialty or what are you known for?

Ale: I would say I probably known for doing some crazy combos, but I don’t normally land them for a while. When I do I’ll let you know LOUD! My Style is mostly a combination of Twisting and variations, even wrestling.

Franky: I love teaching tricking and sharing the art with other people. My favorite kick is a cheat 900.

Tony: I am the younger brother but the serious one. I’m normally the camera man on our film shoots, graphic design and art is my passion. I would say my Tricking style is mostly about kicks and twists.

Hyper: How long have you been Tricking and do you guys have a Martial Arts background?

TB: We have all been tricking for over 7 years. We all started out in Kenpo Karate, all study and train in MMA now.

Hyper: What is the Tricking & Martial Arts community like in Guatemala?

TB: The Tricking community here is great! It’s growing quickly and martial arts in central and South America is very popular. It has been fun to host events and see the new kid growing up and getting better even faster.

Hyper: That’s great to hear, we get messages from kids all around the world and it’s exciting to see what they are coming up with!

Hyper: What would you like up and coming Tricking Athletes to know?

TB: Go out and have fun! Meet other Trickers, attend events and train with your friends, its more fun that way! Learn and practice the basics, make sure you know how to perfect them and train hard! Be yourself and find your style! Don’t be a “generic” find your own path and show the world your skills in a unique way!

The Tobias Bros are hosting “Tricking Heroes” Mini Camp Nov. 29th – Dec 1st. including all kinds of activities from Training, to Trick Battles, BBQ & More.

Check out details here: TOBIAS BROS. TRICKING HEROES

Martial Art World Champion Point Fighers Zsolt Mórádi & László Gömbös from Hungary talk about winning and losing and the importance of being mentally prepared for game time.
Check out more episodes of Martial Arts Athletes on Youtube #MartialArtsAthletes


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Posted On: November 19th, 2013

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RedBull’s Tricking Battles & Extreme Taekwondo event in Korea was like no other. A dynamic event that incorporated the strengths of both Martial Arts Tricking’s flips, twists and dynamic combos plus Taekwondo’s Explosive kicks and board breaking. With coverage on CNN and views of the Youtube videos passing 3 Million views (2 million in the first weekend it was posted) We’re excited to see Martial Arts & Tricking evolve and gain a new level of recognition.

We’re excited to see the The launch of the Ultimate Tricker World Martial Arts Tricking Championships brought to you by FLOW & Hosted by Travis Wong. In Round 1 features Micah Karns taking on Andrew Franklin. This new series will feature the world’s top level Martial Arts Trickers & Athletes going head to head in an online battle format.

Twitter: @TrickStarChamps

1 on 1 Battles between some of the premier martial arts trickers from around the world.
• 5 Tricking Passes/Combos per Athlete
• Length of combo and choice of moves are at their discretion
• Individuals will be judged on Technical Difficulty, Execution, Creativity, and Overall Impression


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Posted On: November 14th, 2013

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We’re excited to be hitting the road again (or the sky is more like it) and heading to Australia for these exciting Martial Arts Athlete Events! Follow the trip on Instagram & Twitter #HyperOzTrip



(click here for more info)


(click here for more info)
This event consists of an instructor workshop, a cool student seminar experience, fun kick challenges and demonstrations with Top Athletes from around the world. Plus we’re hosting a 3 vs. 3 Tricking Battle! You don’t want to miss this event!
Instructor Workshop (9:30am-12:30pm)
Student/Instructor Seminar Experience (12:30pm-5pm)


Tyler Weaver // HYPER PRO / USA
Hakan Manav //AUS. GOT TALENT
Alex Kirkwood // KIK AUSTRALIA
​Roland Osborne // Hyper Pro Training Instructor Certification



Chloe Bruce has trained in martial arts over 20 years and has a very unique style that stands out from everyone else. Chloe’s level of control, strength and extreme flexibility while kicking, represents a lifetime of dedication and hard work. Chloe is a martial arts pro athlete and always believes that having a good reputation is very important. Without even realizing it, everyday you are representing something. It can be your team, a school, your instructor, your family and of course yourself. People are always watching you. No matter where you are, be your best and represent yourself in the greatest way possible. Stand up for yourself and represent the best ‘you’ all the time.

Head over to the Hyper Facebook Page and let us know : “WHAT DO YOU REPRESENT?

Roland Osborne speaks about uniting the Martial Arts Industry for the future of youth martial arts through this innovative Martial Arts Athletes campaign.

Martial Arts business owners and Instructors from around the world were in attendance at the United Professionals and Championsway Convention 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.

Join the Movement :

There are over 50 million kids in the United States. The biggest competition in martial arts schools is other sports. We have to look better, be better, than other sports. When a kid is an athlete and is a role model and is popular, that kid is going to make an impact in your school. Our other biggest competition is other martial arts schools. Our other biggest competition is poor martial arts schools. Why? They already got to our community. They gave them a poor experience. What we have to do as an industry is come together and innovate and in grass roots style, we need to be a team. Let’s be the cool school in our community. Let’s reach every kid and inspire them to do martial arts for life. Make sure that we’re more innovative, we’re better, we’re faster, we’re stronger. When people respect the martial arts athlete, our industry will change.

Original member of Team Loopkicks and pioneer of Martial Arts Tricking, Chris DeVera gives insight on what it’s like being a martial arts athlete. Chris DeVera has hosted the last 10 Loopkicks Camps.

Interview: My name is Chris DeVera and I come from Team Loopkicks in San Jose, California. I started training martial arts when I was six, but i quit when I was eight because I didn’t even like it, and then I moved to California when I was fourteen and then I saw the Ernie Reyes Action Team and then I joined martial arts right away. I’ve been training martial arts 16-17 years.

Q: What’s different about martial arts from other sports?
A: Being a martial arts athlete comes with more values than any other sport really. Sure we’re athletes, but we’re also artists. There’s a deeper meaning with what we do. What we do involves the use of our body and our body alone for the most part.

Watch More Martial Arts Athletes Episodes on Youtube

The 2nd Annual UnresTRICKted Martial Arts Tricking event went down in North Carolina this last August. Hyper Pro Trainer Joe Granieri teamed up with Hyper to host a Hyper Kick Challenge during the event. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Hyper Pros Austin Crain and Kalman Csoka taught fun seminars to the martial arts athletes in attendance, ranging from weapons techniques, acrobatics and forms.

Watch this Hyper Kick Challenge playlist, starting first with the UnresTRICKted challenge!

Head on over to Joe Granieri’s YouTube Channel to see more highlights from the weekend. Like these:

UnresTRICKted and Hyper Athletes Daniel Napolitano, Carson Crawford, Bailey Payne and Caitlin Dechelle hanging out on set of an NBC news program before their exclusive interview about the event.