Earlier this year, Australia was rocked by the performances of Hakan Manav and his X-Treme Team on Australia’s Got Talent. Check out his thoughts about being a Martial Arts Athlete in Episode 2 of Hyper’s newest web series!

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Check out the new Martial Arts Athlete Web series that launched today all about Martial Arts Athletes. Episode 1 features Hall of Fame World Champion Casey Nash!

Casey Nash tells #martialartsathletes what it takes to be a champion and how Martial Arts parallels other sports in many characteristics. Casey Nash is a Hall of Fame World Champion Martial Arts Athlete and instructor.

Watch more Martial Arts Athletes Episodes!

Trickstar presents the Ultimate Tricker World Martial Arts Tricking Championships.

This video features some of the best Martial Arts Trickers in the world — who have submitted their videos for a spot in the Ultimate Tricker Trickstar Championships.

November 12-13th we will see the championships take place online. This is just a taste of the talent who submitted their amazing tricks to the competition. In November we will see the Online launch of the battles from Round 1 all the way through to crowning the Trickstar Ultimate Tricker Champion of 2013.

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Co-Producer: Sam Parham
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Co-Producer: Travis Wong
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(CNN) – A bare-chested man bursts athletically across the floor, flipping sideways, striking out a fierce kick, high above the heads of the screaming crowd. His rival hits back — sliding across the space with a seamless stream of backflips, jump kicks, and aerial rotations, teetering on the corner of the mat, stretching backwards to recover his balance.

We are in warehouse-looking arena in Midtown Atlanta, where the referee is calling 10 seconds remaining in the battle. The shirtless man explodes forward once more, from standing, shooting agressively into the air with final, winning flip.
This is “tricking” — a lightning-fast mix of martial arts, gymnastics and breakdancing that has spent 20 years quietly spreading across gymnasium floors and internet video sites, but is now set to burst out.  >> Read the full Article Here on CNN.com

Big Shout out & Congrats to Will Coney’s for winning the Redbull Throwdown

We’re excited to see the release of Jackie Chan’s CZ12 here in North America on October 18th! Not only is this one of his final performances in an action role, it also stars Caitlin Dechelle and stunts from Marc Canonizado! Check out more details on the release over at Film Combat Syndicate and make sure to mark your calendars to go check it out with your crew!