Hyper Games Experience at AKA American Open
Friday, August 23, 2013,  San Diego, California

The Hyper Games & Trick Battles are coming to the AKA American Open in San Diego, California!

Have you regsitered for Hyper Pro Camp?  http://www.hyperprocamp.com


Hyper Kick Challenges:
20 seconds, hit target, eye level.

  • Jump 360 Outside Crescent Kick,
  • Jump Front Kick
  • Tornado Kick
  • Spin Hook Kick
  • Front Round (machine style)

Hyper 3-Person Team Battles
These are beginer level battles, teams can be formed on site

2 minutes total time: 1point wins
*No twists/corks, spinning kicks over 720, Aerials/Flash kicks are allowed)
Hyper Games Medallion Award for each 1st place competitor
Pro Competition Guide
Hyper Pro Kick Challenges: 30 seconds

  • 540
  • Gainer
  • Cork

****$100 for each Pro Kick Challenge winner***
Hyper 1 vs 1 Pro Battles:
1 minute total time: 1 point wins
$350 for first place

Hyper 3 person Team Battle:
1 minute 30 seconds : 1 point wins
(additional rounds may be added per judges)
$350 for first place!

Register for the AKA American Open Tournament!

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