Hyper Martial Arts is teaming up with the top martial arts schools across the world to help martial arts become the largest sport and activity for today’s youth.

The new Martial Arts Athlete Movement highlights the qualities and benefits that training in the martial arts gives to a person.

“We want to inspire athletes and everyday kids to train in the martial arts with modern classes and training.” Martial Arts is great for athletes and in fact many professional athletes in Soccer, Football and Baseball all cross train in Martial Arts classes as well.

Hyper Pro Training adds a modern style into their traditional martial arts techniques with music, cross training, plyometrics, contests and fun events that takes an ancient art and makes it relevant for today’s youth.

“We know kids want to be fast, powerful, confident, have a lot of friends and know how to protect themselves. We do that in a cool way that kids love. We make martial arts training fun and powerful.” -Roland Osborne, Hyper.

Hyper has created a great movement at the right time. Just as kids are getting ready to end sports and the school year for summer top schools are teaming up with the Best Martial Arts schools in every community with free events, special training packages and a new website with videos that show the power of martial arts training.

Click Here Visit: www.martialartsathlete.com for more info and to join the movement.