Hyper Games Experience at Ocean State Grand Nationals
Saturday April 13th, 2013 Warwick, Rhode Island


9am- 12pm: Access to the Hyper Arena, warm up & Practice
12pm- 2pm: Hyper Kick Challenges & Hyper 3-Person Amatuer Team Battles
2pm- 3pm: Hyper Seminar with Pro Athletes
3:30- 5pm: Hyper Pro Level Kick Battles & Team Trick Battlss
Ocean State Night Show & Finals
*Times are approximate.

$30 Hyper Competition Pass includes: Hyper competition card, all kick challenges, battles, attendance to the Hyper Seminar and access to the Ocean State nighttime finals show.
Hyper Competition Guide

Hyper Kick Challenges: 20 seconds, hit target, eye level.

Jump 360 Outside Crescent Kick
Jump Front Kick
Tornado Kick
Spin Hook Kick
Front Round (machine style)

Hyper 3-Person Team Battles
2 minutes total time: 1point wins
*No twists/corks, No spinning kicks over 720, Aerials/Flash are allowed)
Hyper Games Award for each 1st place competitor

Hyper Pro Athlete Seminar
**Included FREE with Registration**
An incredible experience to train with Hyper Athletes and learn their favorite kicks and combinations. Plus kick back after the seminar with your friends and get to meet each of the Pros and get their autographs.
Pro Level Competition Guide

Hyper Pro Kick Challenges: 30 seconds
($100 for each Pro Kick challenge winner)
540 - Gainer - Cork Divisions

Hyper 3 person Team Battle: 1minute 30 seconds: 1 point wins
$250 for first place

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