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Posted On: January 1st, 2013

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As part of Hyper’s core values of respecting tradition and embracing innovation for 2013 we are starting a new section of our Blog. Respect Tradition will feature posts of the legends of Martial Arts.

Kanga “Tode” Sakukawa (1733 – 1815) was a master born in the Shuri region on the island of Okinawa. To most karate historians, he is the single most famous figure in the development of karate. He began his martial arts training under the tutelage of Peichin Takahara and at the age of 17, continued his studies in Chinese Quanfa with Kusanku, a Chinese military attache stationed in Okinawa. Sakugawa received the nickname “Tode” as he is credited for being the first teacher to use the term “tode” or ‘Chinese hand’.

From Sakugawa, classical karate-ka inherited the kata Kusanku, named after his teacher. The kata itself is one of karate’s most complex forms which contains all of the basic movements of Karate (in Shotokan, the kata is known as Kanku Dai). It is also from Sakugawa where kobudo inherited the Sakugawa bo form and globally, where karate sensei (teachers) adopted the dojo method and practices of etiquette.