Author: Mackensi Emory

Posted On: August 22nd, 2011


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Tricking is a beautiful sport but unlike most other sports it has no season, no real winners or losers. It is really an art as much as it is a sport. It is about the evolution of the tricker, the journey itself, the expression of emotions that can be felt when we trick or watch someone else trick. We see this all the time at any gathering, no matter how competitive the battle, we are one community, supporting, cheering, celebrating, inspiring, encouraging…

Tricking should not be judged. It would be like trying to judge art or music, we just know when it moves us. Trickers should not be split into groups or classes. We are ONE and It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or which gender you are… If you are a tricker then you just get all this. It is the essence of our community, part of the beauty of being a tricker.

I feel very lucky to have discovered this sport. I was born into acrobatics, starting structured gymnastics at a very early age. But there was something missing. I loved the freedom that came from flying through the air but gymnastics is governed by nothing but rules and judges. Tricking offered another avenue that allowed me to still do all that but without all those restrictions. It allowed me to express myself in whatever way I chose at that moment. I got to make tricking my own – no rules, no limits. Nobody was there telling me what to do or how to do it. It also meant I would need to learn on my own.

But I never really was alone in that regard because of all the great trickers that laid the groundwork before me. Anis Cheurfa, Danny Graham, Jeremy Marinas, Sesshomaru… just to name a few. I never realized how accepting and willing even the top names in this sport would be to help each other, offer advice, teach, inspire and help spread this sport. There is no other sport where you can say that. I have tremendous respect for all these trickers. Everyone who has helped me along the way to where I am today. It inspires me to do the same and I will. Just another reason why tricking is so awesome and why I love being a tricker!

Tricking is not something I do. Tricking has done something to me. It is the very fabric of what I am and who I will always be.