Author: Sami Suddeth

Posted On: July 11th, 2011


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Hey Y’all!

I just got back from the US OPEN in Orlando, Florida. I had a great time with all of my friends from my Martial Arts school and from the NASKA circuit.

It was exciting! My Instructor Mike Welch and I made it on stage in the Finals for Team Sync Weapons Forms. Afterwards a lot of people were asking me why I wore an Infinity Marital Arts uniform instead of my regular Team AKA Uniform. I train here in Wisconsin with my Mike Welch who owns Infinity Martial Arts so YES I am definitely still on Team AKA and wear that uniform to represent them when I compete Individually!

Overall I did okay this past weekend in competition, but not as well as I hoped. I’ve been really focused on my school over the last few months as well as my dance team which have been taken up much of my regular marital arts time. I did make it onto ESPN though, which I’m ecstatic about!

I have so many summer plans and I love being busy!  I have Capitol Classics in DC coming up in a few weeks and am training hard for it! I’m making sure I can nail all of my tricks and combos.  My big thing that I’m doing now is strengthening my ankles, which have been giving me trouble and I am trying to prevent having to get surgery on them.

Besides my Martial Arts Training I also have my school dance team practice all summer, which I love to go to! My team is coach-less right now, so we are trying to keep our team together while we find a new one. I’ve been living by our team motto lately   ***It’s not how high you fly, but it’s now high you bounce when you fall!*** Which is good to remember for anyone and any sport.

Here are some of my Top Summer Training Tips!

1. When ever you can, train outside and get some fresh air!
2. Drink LOTS AND LOTS of water!!!
3. Great time to condition and run outside and get in shape for karate, and other sports that come in the fall for school.
4. Use your resources that are outside.  If you are at a park, use monkey bars for pull ups, and hang there and do leg lifts, ect. Also, go run in town where you live. (run in groups though, its safer and more fun that way!)
5. Don’t forget to stretch before and after every workout!

Have a great summer!

-Sami Suddeth