Author: Sami Suddeth

Posted On: April 4th, 2011


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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a long time it has not been working well at my house.  :( I just wanted to update you on what is going on right now with me, and competing.  Recently I was in Philly  for Amerikick Internationals.  I had a great weekend, I won Musical Forms, Musical Weapons, and Creative forms for the 16-17 girls division, and got second in creative and traditional weapons.  I felt like I did pretty good, unfortunately had a few bobbles in my runoffs.  I still had a fun weekend because I got to see most of my best friends. Then yesterday at the Southwest Open in (Verona, Wisconsin) I competed and won both my weapon division and form division.  I also won both grand championships, 17 and under! I’m so happy! My student Payton, a new NASKA competitor made it into grands and took third I’m so proud of her! Another one of my students Evan as a brown stripe got asked to compete in the grands with all the black belts! Go Evan!

Hope to be on the blog more!

-Sami Jo Suddeth