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Posted On: January 3rd, 2011

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Part 3

If you have watched Martial Arts videos from the competition circuit in the past year chances are you have seen one filmed by Zen Inc and Team 100 Percent’s Ken Warner. We asked Ken to give us his most memorable videos of 2010. Here’s what he said:

I filmed hundreds upon hundreds of performances in 2010. Here are some that really stood out as powerful or memorable in some way, in no particular order.

11. Jessica Goldman had a landmark year in 2010, and this runoffs form at Twin Towers was a landmark performance for her. I love the intensity and the crowd reaction here.

YouTube Preview Image

12. Sheala “Lady Jade” Miles was the ONLY 13-under competitor to win a traditional overall grands in 2010-and she did it twice. This performance shows how she did it.

YouTube Preview Image

13. After years of being overlooked, Sammy Smith finally made her debut on the ISKA stage. Good to see persistence pay off.

YouTube Preview Image

14. 2010 was a big year for Trick Battles on NASKA stages, and this was perhaps the most epic of the year. Michael Guthrie vs Austin Crain!

YouTube Preview Image

15. Carson Crawford finished 2010 strong with his best performance of the year. Watch out for him in 2011!

YouTube Preview Image

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