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Posted On: January 2nd, 2011

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Part 2:

If you have watched Martial Arts videos from the competition circuit in the past year chances are you have seen one filmed by Zen Inc and Team 100 Percent’s Ken Warner. We asked Ken to give us his most memorable videos of 2010. Here’s what he said:

I filmed hundreds upon hundreds of performances in 2010. Here are some that really stood out as powerful or memorable in some way, in no particular order.

6. Kalman Csoka never fails to amaze. But this was his first stage performance since the death of his father only a few weeks earlier. Very emotional win here.

YouTube Preview Image

7. Austin Crain made it to the overalls with his creative weapons form, so he had to do that instead of extreme. This is probably the strongest creative weapons form I’ve ever seen.
YouTube Preview Image
8. Matt Emig and Austin Crain are both iconic figures in Sport Martial Arts, and seeing them perform together is breathtaking. This was their strongest sync form from 2010
YouTube Preview Image
9. Micayla Johnson had an amazing year in 2010, and her ISKA performance best captures the energy of her musical weapons.
YouTube Preview Image

10. This was a Trick Battle at the DREDNT Gathering, not a forms competition. But it’s between two of the sport’s hottest rising stars (Danny Edkin & Mackensi Emory). And what shines through here isn’t just their prodigious talent, but their awesome friendship and camaraderie. I love this video!
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