Matt Emig is an icon in martial arts. As a competitor he has traveled the world and won hundreds of world championship titles. As an innovator he has created a style of his own with new kicks, unique combinations and incredible nunchuck skills.  As an instructor he has inspired and trained thousands of students globally.

When Matt broke his leg in 2008 people said he would never fully return to the same level. Some said he would never compete again. His passion and desire to become number one again is admirable and completely inspirational. He is back! He is competing again and flying through the air, kicking, twisting, and flipping while spinning his nunchucks at the same time.  Matt has always been considered one of the most prolific martial artist of our time. Now he is a true role model to everyone.

He is an innovator and his perseverance and passion for the martial arts, teaching and competition is inspiring and admirable. We are proud to have him a part of the Hyper Pros. His signature shirt for this season is the Persevere shirt. (Available online December 18th)