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Posted On: December 24th, 2010

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Hyper Pro Holiday Q & A: Marc Canonizado Talks Holidays & Training

What’s your favorite holiday past time? My favorite thing is putting up Christmas lights around the house and tree. It just really sets the mood for the holiday season

Do you practice during the holiday break? Do you do anything different? Most of the time, I do some sort of vacation with friends and family. As far as my usual practice, it does slow down just a little bit. But, I do still condition and occasionally run for burning off all the food I eat, haha.

Is it hard to keep practicing during the holidays? I’m usually ready to just relax but I know that work never stops so neither should I. I do as much as I can before the holidays and when it gets to Christmas & New Year time, I relax.

What’s the most memorable present you’ve ever received for the holidays? I’d have to say it was a Power Ranger action figure as a kid! It was when I was about 10 years old and they were a HUGE hit! That Christmas was going to be the first time they had an action figure and myself and the other millions of kids in America wanted one of those toys. It was all over the news that they were sold out everywhere and that they were extremely hard to find. Luckily, my mom beat the rush and got mine on the first day.

Have you ever done anything to help others during the holidays? My dojo donates holiday food to the shelters. It’s a wonderful thing to do and I highly recommend it! It really makes a huge difference in others lives.

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