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Posted On: December 22nd, 2010

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Hyper Q&A: Caitlin Dechelle Talks Holidays & Training

What’s your favorite holiday past time? Favorite past time would probably be buying our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving and decorating it! That has always been something that we have enjoyed as a family!!

Do you practice during the holiday break? Yes, I try to as much as possible. If we go on a vacation, I will at least try to condition or do something. Going a while without exercising can affect your body!

Do you do anything different? If I’m away from home, then yes (explained above) but if I am home then of course it’s the same routine which includes running forms, conditioning, etc.

Is it hard to keep practicing during the holidays? Sometimes. During the holidays I like to spend time with my family and sometimes just take a break!

What’s the best/ most memorable present you’ve ever received for the holidays? This year’s gift was amazing, I got a new Sony A55 camera. It has some of the latest technology and takes amazing pictures! Thanks to my wonderful family for getting me that!

What are you wishing you’ll get this year? Well since I already got my Christmas gift early, I’m just looking forward to having an amazing Christmas and New Year with my family!

Have you ever done anything to help others during the holidays? After Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, we would go and take our leftover food to homeless shelters to provide them with a nice holiday dinner!

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