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Posted On: December 23rd, 2010

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Hyper Pro Holiday Q & A : Austin Crain Talks Holidays & Training

What’s your favorite holiday past time? Since I have time out of school, I get more opportunities to train, hang out with my friends and trick at the gym. As well as just spend time with my family (especially my grandparents in North Carolina).

How has martial arts influenced your holiday break? Since I train more during the holidays, I really can’t say I get much of a break, but I enjoy it, so I guess it feels like a holiday.  Having breaks out of school also gives me opportunities to travel and train with my other teammates.

Do you do anything different in your training routine? I especially work on my forms and tricking over break. Nothing really different, just more intensive.

Is it hard to keep practicing during the break? It’s always hard to train during a holiday season, but I enjoy training and tricking, so it never feels like work. Plus the hard work pays off for the next competition year.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received for the holidays? I love the macbook I got one year, even though I did have to pay for part of it.  I also earned my 2nd degree black belt in December of 2008, which was a great present (even though it really wasn’t a gift).

What are you wishing you’ll get this year? I have so many things in life, so I really don’t have a specific need or material wish, but I was hoping to go to California to train!

Have you ever done anything to help others during the holidays? We usually hold a holiday fundraiser for a needy family in the community or for a special non-profit organization.  Last year, we raised money with a kick-a-thon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.