Author: Mackensi Emory

Posted On: July 1st, 2010

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Hey Everyone,

Time for my weekly blog.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer :)  I have a very busy stretch coming up.  I am heading off to Las Vegas this weekend and then to the US Open in Florida where I will be teaching a seminar/privates and also competing.  Then it is off to some tricking camps and then more tournaments.  I wanted to change the topic up this week and talk about training.  There has already been quite a bit of talk about karate training and how practice is very important.  But in addition to specific karate practice, cross training and just general fitness and diet is very important to bring out your best.  I regularly condition and stretch but I have also added plyometrics and weight training to the mix to make myself stronger.  Here is just a short clip of part of my conditioning.  If anyone has any specific questions on training or general fitness just post them to the forum and I will do my best to answer them.  Hope you enjoy the video clip and talk to you all again in a few weeks!

YouTube Preview Image