Author: Matt Emig

Posted On: June 2nd, 2010

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What’s up everyone? The last two months have been crazy for me.  In April, I competed at the Ocean State Grand Nationals for the first time since my injury. It has been 20 months since my last performance back in 2008 at the US Open. The tournament went well I took a first place in Creative Weapons.  Two weeks later I competed at the Quebec Open where I took three first places in Musical Forms, Creative Forms and Creative Weapons and in May I won my first grand championship at the Gator Nationals in CMX Mens Forms. In between all of those tournaments, my student Danny Etkin and I competed in the Karate Kid competition at Six Flags. We made it to the final 3.  Next week we are heading to the premiere of the Karate Kid.  On the red carpet they will announce which team is the winner! I would like to thank everyone who voted!! We appreciate all the support and mass emails.  See ya at the New England Open!!