Author: Mackensi Emory

Posted On: June 16th, 2010

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Hey Everyone,

Here it is the night before I depart for AKA Grand Nationals in Kentucky and I thought I would update my Hyper blog!  This year is flying by and I have been keeping really busy tricking, dancing, and competing.  I graduated 8th grade last week with a 4.0 GPA!  My grades are very important to me even with all the extra activities I do!  I have been working on my double cork and swinging thru on a lot of my other tricks.  I have TR swing-thru cork swing-thru gainer and a lot of super cool new combos.  I was really looking forward to the illReality tricking battle at New England Open but I just ran out of time and I was not able to compete.  I plan on doing the tricking battle at AKA and showing some of my newer tricks and combos.  I have done 6 NASKA tournaments so far for 2010 and I have won 11 Grand Championships!  Hope everyone is getting ready for a great summer :)  Keep training hardcore and talk to everyone again soon!!!