Posted On: February 18th, 2010

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The Official Hyper Games Rules

For everyone that’s interested in how the Hyper Games will be judged, take a minute to read the official rules. These will be the guidelines you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about competing.

Hyper Games

The Hyper Arena is open all day to allow competitors to warm up and practice for the events.

Trick Battle Rules

All tricks regardless of discipline will be categorized into POWER MOVES or COMBOS categories.

  • Power Moves - Any single or double trick technique. Can be a set up and trick, or two tricks.
  • Combo – Any three (3) techniques/tricks or more.
  • The first competitor of each round will start by performing either a Power Move or Combo. The second competitor must match the category (Power Move or Combo) by performing a trick in the same category for his/her turn. This will allow judges to compare power moves to power moves and combos to combos.

    * There are no limits. Tricks from all disciplines are allowed including:  martial arts, dance, break-dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, parkour, free running, etc.  No props will be allowed.


    A coin will be tossed to choose who goes first. The winner of the toss chooses to go first or second.

    Competitors get one turn per round and are allowed one re-do for any missed trick/combo. Competitors will alternate going first for each round. One point will be awarded to the winner of each round.  First competitor to two points wins the battle and moves up to the next battle.


    Battlers will be judged on: difficulty, creativity, crowd response, cleanliness, style, battle mentality (exuberance and level of entertainment expressed in a person’s character). A person doesn’t win just by doing the coolest trick.

    Judges will point to who they think won at the end of each round. A person must win two rounds in order to be the overall winner.

    Free Style Course

    Test your tricking skills in 5 different categories. This fun new division is designed to allow you to show off your tricking skills in a new format. Judges will look at each trick and score you based on their judgment on skill level, difficulty of technique, height, landing, creativity and style.

    • Best 5 Trick Combo (Any 5 techniques with a clean ending)
    • Wall Trick (Use wall to run up or jump off of)
    • Round Off Power Trick
    • Trampoline Trick (Small mini track is provided to jump off of)
    • Obstacle Trick (Jump off the obstacle or go over it)

    Get scored on each event. Your total score will be divided by the 5 events

    Pro World Challenge Competition

    Adult and Junior Divisions

    • Highest Round Off Flash Kick (hit target)
    • Highest Butterfly Twist Round (hit target)
    • Highest Double Leg (hit target)
    • Highest 900 (hit target)
    • Cork Contest – The most landed in 20 seconds
    • Gainer Contest – The most landed in 20 seconds
    • 540 Contest – The most landed in 20 seconds